UI revamp & design system for Agilio’s healthcare software
Newly designed dashboard for one of Agilio's online services.
Agilio is a healthcare software company with various products for HR and people management, e-learning, risk and compliance, and asset management.

We helped to position Agilio for future growth in the sector by modernising their UI, creating a consistent user experience across their product suite, and speeding up their development process with intuitive page templates and a versatile design system.
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UI & responsive design
Design system
The challenge
Unify six unique design systems into one
Following numerous acquisitions, Agilio was managing six different design systems — each with its own colours, typography and components — across six different software products.

Dealing with all of these unique systems was complicating and slowing down Agilio’s development process and delaying the introduction of new features that would help grow their customer base.

It also led to an inconsistent user experience from one software product to the next, making it difficult for existing customers to switch between them.
Screens from initial demos and workshops to define the minimum viable product.
Our approach
Exploring & refining new concepts
We started by exploring Agilio’s existing products to get a deeper understanding of their UI and functionality. Based on this, we developed three distinct visual concepts for dynamic new looks that could be applied across all six of their products.

Through close collaboration with the project team, we honed those concepts into a single new UI style that we used to design the UX and UI for 15 page templates. These could be adapted and used across Agilio’s various software products and included a dashboard, calendar, and content pages.
New page template design for the dashboard.
Five screens from one of Agilio's software products in a line.
Creating a design system
We went on to create a comprehensive design system that includes text styles, colours, a spacing system and component library. We wrote detailed documentation to accompany it explaining how designers and developers should use the individual parts of the system when updating existing features and creating new ones.
Screens from the new Agilio design system.
We created a dynamic new look and consistent experience
We designed a new and modern user interface style that gives all of Agilio’s products a consistent look and feel. This improved the user experience for existing customers by making components and interactions feel familiar from one product to the next. By modernising Agilio’s brand, we also created opportunities for them to market their software to new customers.
We enabled quicker and easier development
We created a single design system for all of Agilio’s software that designers and developers can efficiently build from. This saves Agilio designing and developing from a blank slate and helps them create new features and products faster.
We positioned Agilio for growth
The consistent look and feel we designed makes Agilio’s software feel more like a cohesive product suite, rather than several individual and disconnected tools. This creates opportunities for them to cross-sell additional products to existing and potential customers, and positions them for future growth in the healthcare sector.
Really appreciate all your hard work on this - we are super pleased with the new designs.
Steve Law, Chief Technology Officer
Our thoughts
This project was a great example of design’s ability to positively impact both business outcomes and the customer experience.

Agilio were clear about their goals and a great collaborator when it came to refining the UI work we did. Reimagining their visual style was a lot of fun. However, my favourite part was consolidating everything into the design system, knowing that it had the potential to influence Agilio’s future products and make a lasting impact.
Sarah Lallemand, UX Designer

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