Environmental and sustainability policy for our website

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We consider our positive impact on people and the planet, and encourage colleagues and clients to work in an environmentally friendly way. 

We believe we have a responsibility to make life better for our people, our customers, the local community and our planet. We want our company to be open, accountable and pleasant to work with.

We are taking active steps to reduce our negative environmental impacts and promote sustainability through our work. We will encourage our clients and those we work with to do the same. We consider this to be a journey and a learning process, that is far from perfect, but we hope to keep improving and making things better.

Ways that we look to work and deliver projects in a sustainable way: 

  • We recycle materials (glass, cans) through our local council recycling scheme and employ a specialised recycling service supplier (for card, paper, printer and toner cartridges)
  • We choose recycled and environmentally friendly supplies (recycled paper, non toxic inks) and sustainable products (organic and fairtrade coffee and fruit) for our staff and office
  • We choose our suppliers based on their environmental credentials
  • We avoid single use plastics and disposables such as sugar sachets or individual milk pots
  • We switch off lights, equipment and heating when not required
  • We use a renewable electricity supplier for our office (Opus Energy)
  • We reduce water consumption by fully loading our dishwashers on eco-mode and avoid washing up. When using a full load, the dishwasher is on average four times more water efficient than washing the dishes by hand. 
  • We are actively careful with water and energy e.g. we only put the water we need for an intended number of cups in our kettles to boil.
  • We encourage all staff to use public carbon neutral transport when travelling to our offices and meetings. As a result 20% of staff cycle to work and 70% of staff use public transport. 0% of staff travel by car or motorbike
  • We avoid unnecessary travel, support hybrid working and offer online meetings and workshops when appropriate using online collaboration tools
  • We are able to conduct full usability studies on both desktop and mobile via screen sharing facilities 
  • We only print when 100% necessary
  • We store our data on Google Cloud, who match their energy consumption with 100% renewable energy
  • We encourage employees to reduce their digital footprint by sending fewer emails by using collaboration tools, deleting old emails and data, reusing existing devices and tech
  • We support colleagues who want to take part in community outreach projects. We encourage staff and collaborators to develop new ideas and initiatives around being sustainable.

Contact information

If you have any questions about our environmental policy, please contact an@fluent-interaction.co.uk.