We’re a small company by design
This helps us build strong, long-term relationships with our clients who love that every member of the Fluent team delivers to the same high standards every time.
Paul Lakin
Managing Director
I keep an eye on all of our client projects. I founded the company back in 2003 and am all about precise detail. I also make sure our exacting levels of service, product and client satisfaction are delivered.
David Grayson
Director of User Research
I head up the research arm of the company after years of working in behavioural research with a PhD in HCI. I’m passionate about the right approach to user research – gathering data in a reliable and valid way.
Fiona Still
Senior User Researcher
I bring an academic rigour to all our work at Fluent. I like getting involved in long, complex projects and working to improve the ways we communicate our research findings to clients.
An Marien
Senior User Researcher
I find it truly exciting to delve into understanding how people use and experience end products and services. With a MSc in Communication & Social Sciences, my focus is always on translating results and defining deliverables that fit the needs of the end customer.
Rob Cheyne
Senior UX Designer
I am responsible for bringing creative concepts to life, from interactive prototypes, to concept boards and video work. I’m always looking for methods of improving how we set up our testing to make sure it’s as naturalistic as possible – especially if I can get the power tools out as well.
Sarah Lallemand
UX Designer
I received a business degree in Strategic Design and Management, in which many of my projects tackled the intersection of business, technology, and design. At Fluent, I enjoy research and design, working with both clients and users to better understand needs.
Aaron Howes
UX Designer
I have an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction Design and use my knowledge of human-centred design and how people interact with technology across all my work. I’m always on the hunt for new challenges and experiences.
Scarlet Eadie
UX Designer & Researcher
With a degree in History of Art, I was led to UX by a curiosity to understand what it is behind the tech world that makes it work. I enjoy working on a variety of projects to improve users experiences by solving problems creatively.
Nicola Bryson
Studio Manager / Accounts
I am responsible for the smooth running of the office as well as being the main contact for all accounts and invoices. I also manage all the studio bookings for Fluent Studios and ensure the studio is equipped and set up for each individual client’s needs.