Wealth Horizon site on iPad
Our approach gave Weath Horizon the confidence to launch the UK’s first fully online simplified advice service


We were the user experience designers of Wealth Horizon, a direct to consumer online investment service and the UKs first fully online simplified advice service.

We used a combination of research and evidence-based design to help create an intuitive investment experience robust enough to get through the regulatory challenges set by the FCA.

Our work included

  • Shaping the early customer proposition through rapid prototyping and user research
  • Designing and launching a mobile app in just 4 weeks
  • Rapid and iterative prototyping to design the optimal user experience, proven to work for users through user research
  • Designing the service to be mobile first
  • Working within a multidisciplinary team that included business analysts, SMEs, developers, content authors and integration experts
  • Providing detailed customer insight that influenced project decisions at all levels.

We helped Wealth Horizon overcome considerable challenges and set the benchmark for digital user experience and simplified advice online.


Our work