Unistats site on iPad
Our complete redesign of the Unistats website resulted in a Net Promoter Score of +50

Great outcomes

94% of users surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to the Unistats website.

3 years after launch we still achieve a Net Promote Score over 46.


We designed the user experience of Unistats, a website that enables users to compare statistics about Higher Education courses.

We led the discovery, design and post-launch phases and followed an evidence-based design approach throughout involving users at every stage of the project. Our work on Unistats included:

Our work included

  • Regular user research with key audience groups
  • Creating personas based on differences in attitudes and background contexts rather than demographics
  • Rapid and iterative prototyping to design the optimal user experience, proven to work for users through user research
  • Designing a mobile optimised experience
  • Producing a regular analytics report since launch that’s identified interesting and unexpected usage patterns and trends
  • Significant improvements since launch guided by analytics, user feedback and usability testing.

Our work has resulted in a user-centric service with consistently high user satisfaction and our evidence-based approach gave HEFCE the confidence to launch.


Our work