Our design approach gave Aegon the confidence to launch their first direct to consumer digital service

Aegon has moved quickly to deliver an innovative solution which is far more customer-focused than anything we’ve have seen from their peers

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Fluent's insightful approach to design helped us create Retiready - our new mobile first platform for consumers. They challenged our assumptions, talked to our customers and worked with us to design an engaging yet simple user experience - a rarity in the financial sector!



We designed the user experience for Retiready, a direct to consumer website that scores your retirement prospects and provides a range of tools and investments to get on track for the retirement you want.

We led the discovery and design phases and followed an evidence-based design approach throughout involving users at every stage of the project.

Our work included

  • Shaping the early customer proposition through rapid prototyping and user research
  • Designing and launching a mobile app in just 4 weeks
  • Rapid and iterative prototyping to design the optimal user experience, proven to work for users through user research
  • Designing the service to be mobile first
  • Working within a multidisciplinary team that included business analysts, SMEs, developers, content authors and integration experts
  • Providing detailed customer insight that influenced project decisions at all levels.

Retiready has disrupted the financial industry by setting a new benchmark for a simple and engaging digital experience.


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