On-site usability labs

User research, focus groups and workshops form a key part of our day-to-day project work. In order to offer the best and most flexible service to our clients, we have our own in-house, purpose-built usability labs based in our central London offices.

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An entire floor of our office dedicated to a large 3-room usability lab, complete with High Definition audio visual technology.

The rooms have been designed specifically for user testing and focus groups. They are acoustically well insulated, comfortable and fully equipped with up to date audio visual hardware.

Flexibility through technology has been achieved allowing each space to have completely independent audio/visual control. The rooms are also linked using cameras and audio equipment, ideal for observation of activities such as market research and web usability studies.

Fluent Studios area
A live feed of the testing session is projected in the observation room

Mobile testing

As a user experience agency we work on digital research and design projects across all digital platforms including handheld devices.

Whilst the technology to observe and capture peoples’ interactions with computers is fairly mature, technology to facilitate testing of hand-held devices is still in it’s infancy and often requires some lateral thinking.

Our mobile testing rig provides High Definition picture-in-picture recording from any standard smartphone. The rig fits a range of the most common smartphones on the market and devices can be switched in and out within a matter of seconds and without interrupting the recording. The rig provides a natural experience for users and crystal clear recording even when the phone is being moved around.

Mobile testing setup
Our custom built mobile and tablet testing setup

Why choose Fluent?

Talk to us about how Fluent Studios can help your organisation:

  • Carry out usability testing on desktop, mobile or tablet device
  • Run focus groups with users to gather insight and requirements
  • Hold business workshops to define project objectives

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