Excellent digital services are created by understanding your objectives and exploring a wide range of possible solutions for achieving these.

When combined with feedback from real users, design ideas can evolve quickly into carefully considered solutions that are supported by evidence that they work well for the people that use it, saving you time and money and building confidence at each project stage.

We bring digital services to life through realistic and interactive prototypes

Prototype quickly and iterate often

Our design methodology centres around rapid iteration. By prototyping right from the start and trying a range of alternative ideas, we quickly evolve the user experience and create a clear audit trail for all design decisions. Put simply, we show what works well and what doesn’t.

Bringing your vision to life

We've experienced the positive effect prototyping has on a project. Prototyping take the conversation out of people’s heads and makes it real, so everyone can be confident that what they’re saying means the same thing.

Tired of wasting time trying to visualise designs on Powerpoint? Our intense prototyping workshops can bring new or enhanced digital propositions to life in a single day. That's right, just one day.

Design in a day

  • 9am

    Exploratory workshop to explore ideas, vision and goals

  • 12pm

    Sketching and rapid prototyping sprint to bring ideas to life

  • 5pm

    Delivery of interactive prototype

Engaging your users

Our evidence-based design approach involves users throughout the design process. Seeing how typical customers actually use our prototypes, whilst often frustrating, is hugely valuable in making sure we get the design right and at a stage in the project where changes are easy to make and low cost.

Involving your users in naturalistic user research lowers the project risk and gives you a solid audit trail.

Engaging your stakeholders

We work closely with you and your stakeholders throughout the project so expect to see us a lot. We strongly believe in designing the user experience with you because we'll never know as much about your business as you.

This means we are transparent and happy to share our work continuously so you see it evolving not just when we think it's finished.

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